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Blow My Mind

Blog To Express, Not To Impress

Blog To Express, Not To Impress

Blow My Mind


Uma casinha simples, com uma piscinita simples...


The Nightingale House by Marc Canadell








This custom luxury home in Los Angeles by Marc Canadell is luxury living at its best. Set high above the celebrated Sunset Strip on the famous “Bird Streets", this custom home design boasts five bedrooms, eight bathrooms, one acre and over 9,000 sq. ft. of pure extravagance. This private property is fully decked out from the outside in. A spacious deck with an infinity lap pool and an expansive outdoor entertaining area with a fireplace is a real hotspot, and leads into the home through expansive sliding glass doors. Interiors are contemporary in style, finished with rich custom details. Dark-stained wood floors add drama to each room, offering a formal elegance to everyday spaces. “Everyday” is by no means “ordinary” in this house – just check out the amazing spa-inspired bathroom and the decadent dressing area! Ultra-modern lighting illuminate interiors artfully, which open onto an outdoor terrace overlooking West Hollywood.

The amazing luxury home is listed for sale through Mauricio Umansky at a price of $17,995,000. Marc Canadell Design

Via Contemporist


EKO - Dubai



EKO - The Ekological Small Building

Drawing inspiration from the magnificent Eiffel Tower, the Eko is a futuristic housing high-rise for Zaabeel Park, City Center in Dubai. With stats like 24 floors, 8500 Square meters of Nano Solar, 350 palms, a bar, a library and a big exhibition hall; this humble living quarters of rich Arabs and their Harem will be the envy of every Eiffel-loving Parisian!

10 Raisons Architects




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Via: Yanko Design


55 Blair Road - Ong & Ong - Singapura



To create a light open plan living space, whilst promoting Inside/outside space. The contrasting relationship between the metallic elements and subtle tones within the house create an exciting spatial relationship throughout.

55 Blair road project is a renovation and restoration to a traditional art deco style shop house. Originally the house was renovated 10 years ago. The new owner however believed it was too dark and desired more light in the living spaces.




Architects: Ong & Ong Pte Ltd
Location: 55 Blair Road, Singapore
Design Team: Diego Molina and Maria Arango. Camilo Pelaez.
Project Team: Diego Molina and Maria Arango. Camilo Pelaez. Ryan Manuel, Linda Qing
Interior design: YPS
Project Year: 2009


Via:   Arch Daily

Adoro quase tudo nesta casa...a luz...a piscina...a cozinha...o quarto...a decoração...espectacular!




Lot 18 House by Arkitek Axis


"This house is conceptually a U-shaped plan which interlocked with the central landscape and swimming pool area. This house is consisted of 3 storey plan with living, dining and dry kitchen area interlocking around the central pool area on ground floor level, which articulated by long perimeter of full height large glazing, timber deck terrace and suspended concrete platform, forms a permeable and remarkable views towards out to the external pool landscape area. The dining with sliding doors opens up to the central pool area and form an important axis. The first level is consisted of three bedrooms with family hall at the central to open up to the balcony and overlook down to the landscape pool area whereas the infinity pool with roof top garden is located on the second floor level. The right side of the house forms landscape water feature which is visible from the large glazing of staircase area. The car park space is hidden at the back of the house.

This house has been completed  in  September 2009."







Gosto muito desta casa elaborada por Arkitek Axis em Kuala Lumpur, Malásia. Aparte a sala de jantar com as escadas mesmo ao lado, (what da fuck!?) gosto da luz, das linhas, do jardim e, claro, da piscina.


Apartamento no Sotão - Studio Damilano


Remodelações de Sótão não estão entre as coisas mais fáceis de fazer.

Os ângulos incomuns tornam muito ter ideia de móveis que se encaixam em lugares estranhos e, por vezes, a manutenção pode levantar mais problemas do que num apartamento normal.

O projecto pertence ao apartamento “Attico Studio Damilano” e é realmente um make-over de um velho sótão.

 Cada quarto neste “apartamento chique” espanta devido ao seu excelente design e abordagens mobiliário moderno. Mesmo tento apenas 240 m2, os dois quartos, sala, dois quartos de banho e cozinha são mais do que suficiente para uma grande vida.


Via: HDF


 Apreciem o slideshow abaixo:







Eat, Cook and Clean Up, All At The Same Table


Electrolux Futuristic Dining Table With Refrigerator and Appliances






(Click image to enlarge)


The Form:

- A circular five-seater table with retractable chairs that fit flush with the frame of the table when not in use.
- A part of the table used to refrigerate food and is divided into 2 separate sections with a total volume capacity of 203 liters.
- At the touch of a button, the black glass top becomes transparent allowing a complete view of the fridge contents beneath it.
- The food is stored in bins where it is divided into groups (dairy products, smoked meat, vegetables, fruits etc).
- This is where a rotating storage compartment is located with a volume capacity of 98 liters, designed to store small groceries.
- The second part of the refrigerator is integrated into the center of the table and chills your bottles.
- The shelves of the bottle fridge feature punched with holes minimizing the escape of cold air when the refrigerator is lifted. This section has a volume capacity of 105 liters.
- Two buttons help you to use this second fridge: One for Pulling up the fridge, the other for rotating the stand for easy selection.
- Small appliances are located inside a stainless steel inter-circular compartment that is manually rotatable and can store up to 8 different electrical appliances. These appliances are easily replaceable.
- The appliances integrated include a mini-dishwasher, toaster, coffee machine, boiling kettle, cold water dispenser, a freezer, mini-microwave and cutlery holder.
- The top layer of the table is a touch display screen, allowing access to the internet. It displays daily press (newspaper, magazines), allows search for recipes and enables communications.
- The table top display can be changed to accommodate soothing views or even fun games.

The Systems Used:

- Touch OLED display screens that change from complete shade of black to fully transparent to expose content of the refrigerator.
- Nanotechnology surface (for better cleaning).
- Pneumatic system (pistons for hoisting electrical appliance), servomotors and electronics.
- The materials used are glass, plastic (or synthetic stone) and stainless steel.
- The table is securely anchored to the floor and connected to a source of electricity, water supply, the internet and the waste.



Via: Yanko Design


Toast Messenger - WoW!











To create a pleasing dining for a beautiful morning, the toast is not only a food also a interesting enjoyment by messages. Having interactive messages and making a toast for your better half. It could improve a better relationship. For a hurry breakfast person, a schedule toast can remind the job contents. For kids, the cute comic on the toast is the best way to make them like to have a energetic breakfast. A beautiful morning begins in eating the message.


Designer: Sasha Tseng




Where can I buy it?




Capriccio Table - Jacopo Foggini





"The table base comprises two stainless-steel brush-finished metal tubes that have been buffed by hand. One forms the structural frame supporting the large, 15 mm thick glass tabletop. The other more decorative tube intersects with the table frame extending beyond it through two specially created slots. Like its musical namesake, the Capriccio steps outside the box; its design a flourish of composer inventive."









...I Like It...


Jacopo Foggini’s website:



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